Our target market

  • Members of corporate bodies
  • Managers in the Finance field
  • Managers in the Administrative field

What we offer

Three service packs, customized on the basis of varying company requirements:

1. ANALYSIS: “Rating TEST”

  • Each module is available separately and without any commitment to subsequently continue or repeat.
  • The contents of all three modules are distributed during special project days at the company with a professional from the Fivesixty team.

Distinctive Advantages

  • Access to the skills of professionals with proven seniority, who have filled managerial and /or directorship positions in some of Italy’s main banks.
  • Purely operational and practical interventions aimed at remedying those “information asymmetries” that often characterize the relationship between small and medium-sized companies and banks, the main causes of misunderstanding in relations with the financial sector.

*I prezzi si intendono IVA esclusa.
*I prezzi sono da considerarsi validi per fascia dimensionale della clientela (fatturato) da 0 a 100Mln.
*In caso di gruppi societari potranno essere concordati prezzi a forfait sul totale dei servizi offerti.

Analysis of the Company Rating

The service includes a dedicated meeting with the Fivesixty professional, who will support the company in the analysis of its own data, in order to gain full awareness of:

  • The company’s own position compared to the sector averages;
  • Factors impacting on the company’s own rating.

Finally a document is provided containing a complete analysis:

  • Quantitative (balance statement analysis)
  • Performance (Bankitalia Risks Bureau)
  • Qualitative (Corporate questionnaire)

The six rules for the success of your relationships

Training meeting on company premises


A training service in line with European continuity

In the period following the enactment of the regulatory framework known as “Basle II” the European Commission launched a competitive bidding process for the collection of data on the use of internal ratings of SMEs carried out by banks.

In 2007, on the basis of the data collected, the Commission published a document entitled “How to interact with the new rating culture”, which constituted a practical guide to bank financing for small and medium-sized companies.

The assumption was that both banks and SMEs could gain advantages from the establishment of credit relationships marked by collaboration and exchange of information, and on the basis of such an assumption, a series of “key rules for success” were published for the benefit of small and medium-sized companies in their relationships with banks.

The requirement to remain faithful to this principle, namely to the value of communication between banks and companies and the transparency of information, is even more profoundly felt in the current reality of the Italian situation, characterized by the presence of sometimes opposing forces, which can complicate the process of acquiring financing sources for small and medium-sized companies.

The economic recovery is gradually making its effects felt, including the requirement for small and medium-sized companies to return ro investing in order to support their own growth.

In this context, the banking system finds itself facing new challenges:

  • An ongoing process of aggregation in the sector;
  • Efficiency drives as regards operating costs;
  • Rethinking of business models.

At the same time the system must manage the burden, still relevant on its own balance sheets, of deteriorated loans.

These are all aspects which will continue to influence the economic results of banks for a long time to come.

All elements previously mentioned suggest that the adoption of selective lending policies on the part of banks will be a constant in the years to come.

The objective of the Rating Meeting on company premises is therefore to provide SMEs with content, instruments and operational insights in order to successfully manage relations with the credit sector.

Users of the service will be able to take advantage of the skills of professionals with proven experience in the banking sector.

What you will learn on the day of the in-company Rating Meeting

1. Understand the role of the “Rating” in the relationship between the bank and the company, and the elements which make it up.
2. How to provide your own banks with clear and complete documentation, of both a high-quality and timely nature.
3. Identify rating “killers”.
4. Gain awareness of the different weight of each factor making up the rating, also according to company turnover.
5. Know the components which form the cost and the price of a bank financing deal.
6. Evaluate a methodology to manage efficiently the value for money of the service offered by the banks.
7. What are the main indicators to use for a company self-evaluation?
8. Principles for the setting-up of an internal economic and financial reporting system
9. Know the impact of the Rating in credit evaluation by banks.
10. The active management of your own company rating and good practices for the maintenance of credit
11.Know and evaluate alternatives offered by the market, in comparison with traditional bank loans.

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Mario Piccioni
Enrica Minolfi
Francesco Vignola

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