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Sidoti & Partner law firm possesses a deep and protracted experience in assisting enterprises, thanks to a solid family tradition in the law field.

A team of professionists, specialised in the various law fields, avails the law firm, hence, the latter, is able to guarantee a qualified legal counsel to both enterprises, concerning any problematic which could arise in connection to their activity, and to individuals for any dispute addressed to them or that they want to address to a third party.

The law firm has established a department that deals exclusively with extra judicial activity and in particular deals with advice and assistance concerning contracts which regard extraordinary operations of company law (acquisitions, mergers, etc.), of real estate law and of debt restructuring.

The department which deals with judicial activity is divided in sub-departments which operate with respect to the various law branches

The quality and affordability of the services provided and the celerity in reaching predetermined objectives are the ingredients of a formula that guarantees a successful long lasting relationship.

Fivesixty Legal Team

Avv. Agrippino Sidoti

Avv. Gianpiero Sperduti

Avv. Monica Sala

Avv. Paola Assanelli

Avv. Cristiano Meroni

Avv. Lorenzo Agnoli

Avv. Davide Greco

Dott.ssa Martina Basagni

Dott.ssa Eliana di Maria

Anna Zaccarini

Ilaria Cogliati

Kaori Barbieri

Patrizia Pecoraro

Areas of activities


Real estate

Area exclusively dedicated to the real estate field, with a particular focus on franchising and mediation
Interdisciplinary service provided for investors, developers, builders and managers in real estate operations

Debt collection

Area exclusively dedicated to debt collection with a particular focus on both the banking field and the one concerning PMI’s
Professionality, timeliness and above all the employment of qualified personnel, which is constantly coached in order to obtain the maximum result in all the phases concerning unpaid debt collection

Merger & Acquisition

Advisory and legal counsel activities in favour of institutional, financial and industrial players in extraordinary operations, such as:

Mergers, company splits and company acquisitions
Enterprise’s assets
Joint ventures and alliance strategies
Investment operations in risk capital
Restructurings and reorganizations of companies
Continuous care concerning enterprise government


Legal counsel in the formulation of restructuring agreements in line with articles 67 and 182 bis of the bankruptcy statute
Legal counsel in the procedures of arrangement with creditors and in bankruptcy procedures

Litigation and Arbitration

Legal counsel in the pre-litigation phase, in view of preventing litigation with a predisposition for settlement agreements and acts of extra-judicial conciliation
Legal counsel and legal defence in each and every instance before any judge
Civil and ordinary litigation

Real estate Law

Advice in negotiations concerning real things
Property management
Advice concerning operations which regard both single real estate units and big real estate complexes, valorisation concerning building development assistance or residential, commercial, touristic, hotelier and industrial areas
Adequate care concerning the legal aspects related to the recovery of brownfields with a particular focus on environmental problems (e.g. reclamation of the soil, subsoil, above ground and underground waters and identification of the obligators)

Commercial and Company Law

Assistance since the embryonic incorporation phase in:

Managing relationships between partners
Preparation of and participation to collegial bodies’ assemblies
Choice among the most appropriate governance models
Deal operations concerning both shares and parts
Conveyance of Enterprise and/or of enterprise branches

Bankruptcy Law

First class advice and assistance in the bankruptcy law area:

Assistance in the predisposition of bankruptcy motions both for private means and concerning relationships with the clientele
Judicial assistance in the bankruptcy field, before any instance. Judicial assistance regards the following: revocatory actions, simulated juristic act’s assessment and assessments concerning fraud of creditors at large

Labour Law

Assistance and advice on both judicial and extra judicial matters in the fields of labour law, trade union law and social security:

Appeal against dismissal
Futures contracts
Acknowledgements of servants
Disciplinary sanctions
Request for higher qualifications
Debt collection
Deskilling and demotion.

Administrative Law

Judicial and extra judicial activities mainly focused in the following sectors:

Construction and urban planning
Public tenders
Local public transport
Expropriation for public utility
Trade and commercial licenses
Public contest
Local public services
Concessions and authorizations in the field of public waters
Health sector

Criminal Law

Assistance, with respect to the criminal law field, to both private individuals and enterprises.

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